Vinturi Reserve Set and Mini Aerator (2)

by wootbot

I can't decant. I just shant.

I like to live the good life. But I'm on a schedule, for crying out loud!

It’s important to me that I take time to stop and smell the roses. That’s why I booked a 7:45 private smelling of the rose collection at the Hamburg Botanical Garden next Thursday. I scheduled it before they open in the morning so I can get in there, do the rose-smelling thing, sniff-sniff, bingo-bango, I’m out before 8:00.

Then I’ve got a 9:15 flight to London, during which I’ll speed-read some Proust. It’s meetings all afternoon, then a long, leisurely walk through Epping Forest before dinner. I hope my Segway will handle the terrain, because I really don’t have time to actually walk it.

Dinner will be leg of lamb, and nuts to anyone who says it doesn’t turn out just as good in the microwave. I’ll pair it with the finest Bordeaux in my cellar. No need to waste time decanting it, I’ll just bubble it through my Vinturi Mini Wine Aerator.

Seriously, who has an hour and a half to sit around waiting for wine to breathe? The Vinturi’s design gets that vino all ventilated just as fast as I can pour a glass. There’s no battery, no charcoal, no filter, and—best of all—no wasted time. The bouquet’s better, the flavors are enhanced, and I’ve still got a few minutes to scan through “The 400 Blows” before bed.

Great film. You miss some of the dialogue in fast-forward, but you pretty much get the gist.