Vino Noceto Sangiovese (4)

by wootbot

Thin Line Between Best and Worst

The best Sangiovese in California - and that's not just, like, our opinion, man.

The differences between the best Sangiovese in California and the worst may not be immediately visible to the untrained tongue - and not just because your tongue doesn't have eyes. These key indicators will clue you in about whether you're drinking Vino Noceto Sangiovese or some cut-rate swill:

The best Sangiovese displays a medium-hued cherry red color.
The worst Sangiovese displays a murky-hued cherry cough syrup color.

The best Sangiovese features red berry aromas and bright, rich flavors of plum, cassis, and cranberry.
The worst Sangiovese features red flecks floating in it of unknown origin.

The best Sangiovese exhibits the regal bearing and pure character worthy of its name, meaning "the blood of Jove", king of the Roman gods.
The worst Sangiovese contains actual blood.

The best Sangiovese works excellently with tomato-based dishes, grilled meats, pasta, and pizza.
The worst Sangiovese works excellently to remove graffiti from bus shelters and telephone booths.