Vino Noceto 2 and 2 (4)

by wootbot

One of these wines supposedly pairs with a pork spiedini. If you ask us, that sounds TOTALLY made up.

That's right, we said it. If you're eating "pork spiedini" you might as well be eating unicorn steak or fairy kabobs. We're committing to what we believe: the only time a pork dish should end in a vowel is "barbeque" and MOST OF THE TIME THAT SHOULD END IN Q!

But if you're convinced this "pork spiedini" is for real, go on. Buy the 2008 Riserva Noceto Sangiovese 2-Pack. It's a Gold Medal winner from the California State Fair and it tastes lovely, like cherry-berry with oak and spice. It'll also come with a buddy, a 2009 Noceto Sangiovese 2-Pack. It's good with food as well, thanks to those hints of peppery spice ... but it's good with REAL food, like the kind of thing PEOPLE would eat! Not some imaginary "pork spiedini" nonsense.

Like, if they were going to just make up a food, couldn't they make it sound believable?