Vines on the Marycrest Rhone Blends (3)

by wootbot

Like You Need A Reason

Some people only drink wine when there's a special occasion. We say every occasion is special.

Anniversaries and birthdays are great and all, but you know what really calls for a nice glass of wine? Finding the will to get out of bed.

Not immediately, ‚Äčof course. You've still got an awful lot to do during your day. Like your solemn, joyless commute to work, for instance. And your daily morning meeting/corporate pep rally that erodes a little piece of your soul away every time you're forced to endure it. And geez, who'd want to miss out on eating your lunch all alone in your car as you imagine some awful calamity forcing your office to be destroyed, thus freeing you from the soul-crushing drudgery you can't seem to find the courage to just up and leave behind.

After all that, I'd say just making it back home without losing all hope whatsoever is special enough for a glass or two from this Vines on the Marycrest Rhone Blends 3-Pack, wouldn't you say?

I mean, who wants to wait for something that only happens once a year to enjoy the intense yellow-green hue and aromas of peach, honey and spice of the 2011 At Last White Blend? Why keep yourself from the red fruit with berry and cocoa of the 2009 Heart of Glass Red Blend just because the calendar says there's no red-suited gift giver, egg-hiding bunny, or turkey gluttony this week? You've made it through another twenty-four hours without losing your mind. That seems like a better reason than most.

So order a pizza, settle in to some crime drama reruns on TV, and treat yourself to a glass of wine. If it makes you feel better, call it "National I-Don't-Have-Suffer-Though-Work-Until-Tomorrow Day."