Vinanza Spanish Cabernet and Syrah (6)

by wootbot

Hispania mania

A Letter from Spain

Hi! You probably expected me to say "hola," didn't you? That's pretty insensitive. Of COURSE I'm bilingual. I know several languages, as a matter of fact. I'm an entire country. Think about it.

Anyway, I'm good at lots of stuff: Monarchies, mind-blowing cuisine, and driving bulls insane. (Yes, we're still trying to rectify the whole economy situation. It's a work in progress.) You know what else I do really well? I produce some solid freakin' grapes. The ViƱanza bottles on offer today will certainly testify to that, just as I can testify that my country desperately needs money.

Yes indeed, if you like silky, sumptuous Syrahs and powerful, meaty Cabs, I can certainly help you there. If you need funding, I cannot, because I am broke, my friends. Regardless, I hope you'll enjoy these rich and flavorful wines from my breathtaking country.

Seriously, please send money.

With Best Wishes,