Vina Robles Vermentino (4)

by wootbot

Attack of the Vermin Teens

Say "vair-mayn-TEE-no". Not only is it correct, it doesn't sound like "vermin".

Vina Robles Vermentino had a happy childhood - for a few years. By about fifth grade, though, the other kids had learned the word "vermin". And Vina Robles Vermentino never heard the end of it. It wasn't crying alone in its oak barrels on prom night. It just had something in its eye.

But oh, if those little monsters could see it now. Vina Robles Vermentino grew into its fresh, creamy flavors. It turned that pain into an expressive richness that says to its childhood tormentors "I have seen the true vermin, and it is you."