Villa Chiara Italian Cabernet & Merlot (6)

by wootbot

Where To Pair?

When people talk about wine pairings, they often mention food, but shouldn't wine pairings also be about pairing wine with wine?

We think so! That's why for today's pairing, we've paired this Villa Chiara Italian Cabernet Sauvignon with a Villa Chiara Merlot. It combines the deep ruby red color and herbaceous and delicatebouquet of the Merlot with the intensive vinous, lightly herbaceous, pleasant scent of the Cabernet. Really, the pairing makes perfect sense, doesn't it? We thought so!

Of course, there's also the fact that they're the same brand. That might've played in a part in our thinking too. Okay, it played a BIG part, but who's counting?