Vampire Vineyards Dracula (4)

by wootbot


A delicious wine for many occasions, and yes, it CAN be paired with garlic.

Ohhhhhhh, woe is me.

"What's up Mracula?"

It's my brother, Dracula. Always with the drinking of the blood, drinking of the blood. Now everyone thinks poor Mracula also likes the drinking of the blood!

"You don't?"

NOOOOOOOO. I just want to drink the wine. I love the wine!

"And you're out of wine?"

NOOOOOOOO. I have plenty of wine. Plenty, plenty of wine. I just wish my brother would drink the wine as well instead of drinking the blood. It makes everyone dislike our family and dislike meeeee.

"Oh, I see."

It's terrrrrible. Ohhhhhhh, poooor Mracula.

"Hey, I've got an idea."


"What if you gave him some of this vampire Vineyards Dracula wine. Maybe he'd like some wine with his name on it. Plus, there's both Merlot and Syrah, so he'll get to try multiple types! Surely he'll like one of them."

Hmmmmmmmm? You might be onto something, dear boy. Yes, I say you are! It's a Mracula Mrrrriracle.