Used Automobile Parts Dessert 375ml (3)

by wootbot

Squeaky Wheels

Mmmmm. Essence of Buick.

Lesley "Turk" Crenshaw is a mechanic. He was raised in a blue collar community of hard-workin' folks with good, old-fashioned values. He didn't go to prep school and he doesn't have a fancy college degree.

He comes home every night covered from head to toe in axle grease and reeking of gasoline. He's got more dirt under his nails than a mangy dog diggin' up a bone, and he can tell the difference between 5W30 and WD40 just by how fast it'll drown a skeeter. But if ya think a guy like that can't appreciate a good dessert wine, you're wrong. Dead wrong.

Ya see, Turk might be a mechanic, but he's a mechanic who enjoys the finer things in life. Opera. Movies with subtitles. Those slimy little ess-car-got-ees, the ones that ya get at them fancy French eateries. And he likes to polish off his special meals with a special dessert wine. One of brilliant ruby color with a very rich dark chocolate profile underscored by orange peel, Allspice, cocoa and tobacco, if you can believe it. But not the spittin' kind.

Ask old Turk and he'll tell ya, his favorite vintage is the 2005 Used Automobile Parts Dessert Wine. Hey, he might have a refined palate, but he's never gonna lose his edge.