Urraca Argentinian Chardonnay (5)

by wootbot

The truth is I never left you GET YOUR MITTS OF MY WINE.

The Argentine Tango is one of the most challenging and graceful dances to master. This Argentinian chard is one of the most delicious, and therefore difficult wines to share.

When it comes to the Tango, I am quite the capable dancer and partner. I'm also a very generous lover, but that's neither here nor there. However, when it comes to sharing wine, especially one that exhibits aromas of citrus, apples, and earth, I am truly at a loss.

Lead me through a media vuelta and I will follow. Try to steal a sip of my wine and I will cut you. I apologize if this offends. It's just my fiery South American personality coupled with my unquenchable thirst for wine showing notes of green apples, minerals, and cooking herbs.