Ty Caton Sonoma Valley Syrah (3)

by wootbot

ty, Ty

Ty. The first name of our bestie Ty Caton. Also texting shorthand for "Thank you!" which is something we often say when someone gives us a glass of Ty Caton wine.

Ty Caton was one of the very first to partner with an up-and-coming site known as Wine.Woot, and anyone who'll take a stupid chance like that has GOT to know they have a good product. That's why we're always happy to have a Ty Caton wine on our burgundy-colored front page, and why we think you'll be happy when you start to take a drink.

Oh, you want MORE? Well, we could probably tell you that this is a 2010 Ballfield Syrah, from Sonoma Valley. We could also tell you about the blackberry aromas, the hints of boysenberry and mocha in the nose, the mid-palate of berry and pepper spice with a silky finish. But instead of wasting your time with all that nonsense, we'll get right to the point.

The 2010 Ty Caton Ballfield Syrah won a Gold Medal at the 2013 San Francisco Wine Competition, the largest judging of California wines in the world. Which means that this wine is one of the best wines that 2013 has to offer.

See? The guy might have horrible taste in website partners, but he's got amazing taste in wine.