Ty Caton Cabernet Collection (2)

by wootbot

Collectors' Collection

Hey, every collection has to start somewhere.

When collecting stamps got too silly - I'm sorry, "cloudscapes" are not worth making stamps about - and the troll-doll market collapsed, we looked around for something new to collect. "Hey, us," we said, "what about Ty Caton Cabernets? They're genuine works of art, their value will probably increase for at least a couple of years, and here are two to start with. The 2010 Little Hill and 2012 Terraces are both meticulously sustainably grown. They're the perfect delicious foundation for a budding Ty Caton Cab collection. Let's buy a whole bunch."

Problem was, we kept drinking them before we could accumulate any more bottles. They were just too hard to resist. So we turned from collecting Ty Caton Cabs to collecting Ty Caton memories. That collection will only ever grow, and it'll always be priceless.