Twisted Oak 5-plus-1

by wootbot

Lucky Numbers

Aw, c'mon, Wine.Woot, you're gonna make me do math now?

5 2011 Viogniers plus 1 2012 Picpoul equals x hours of drinking pleasure. Believe us, that's one equation you'll have a great time solving.

Aught-eleven wasn't the easiest year for growing Viognier in Calaveras County, but what the soil did yield was superlative, as captured in this Twisted Oak number. Lychee, almond blossom, citrus, and (yes) apricot wrestle for dominance on your nose and palate until a crisp acidity wades into the fray to break it up.

The following year's Twisted Oak Picpoul brings a - what? You've never heard of Picpoul? Then you'll have some excellent fodder for one-upping your wine pals when you get to know this lemongrass-and-jasmine-and-honeydew-splashed stunner. Just don't go too far and refuse to tell them where you got it, OK?