Tuscan 2-Bottle Wine Tote

by wootbot

Don't actually fill it with lasagna.

"Alrighty, so I'll just set this wine tote down and WHAT THE - "


"Greetings, hello! I am the Genie of the Wine Tote."

"Wow! Does that mean you're gonna grant me a series of wishes?"

"What? No. I mean, unless your wish is for 2 bottles of wine to be safely and stylishly transported from Point A to Point B. Beyond that, I'm not sure what you could want. Wishes? What more could you possibly wish for?"

"Well, I'd like for all the world to be healthy and happy."

"Yeah, that's outta my purview."

"I would also wish for climate stability."

"Sooo above my pay grade."

"I'd like a good way to carry lasagna."

"Invest in another tote. They're great for lasagna."