True Fabrication Collapsible Carrier

by wootbot

What Women Want

Everything you know is wrong. Unless you already knew that she loves nothing more than she loves picnics. In which case, everything you know is right.

Like it or not, fellas, we're a lot different than the ladies. Guys, we're easy. Beer and boobs. That's all it takes to make us happy. But women, they're enigmas. Good-smelling, shiny-haired enigmas. If you even knew how many kittens and chocolate-covered fruits I've been through over the years, you'd be shocked. But here's the deal. I finally figured it out. The secret to making all women happy is this:


I know! I would have guessed six-pack abs and fancy sports cars, too. But I'm telling you, all you have to do is pack a spaghetti dinner and a couple bottles of wine in a chic and stylish collapsible carrier such as this one, and suddenly she's a sure thing.

So step away from the jewelry counter, fellas. Stop wasting your hard-earned cash on flowers. The thing that'll really get her going is sturdy handles, an insulated lining and a removable lid.