Transatlantic Foods The Chef's Special - 8 Pack

by wootbot

Special Delivery

Because the best pork is the kind that comes to your house in a truck.

The grocery store? You're probably not gonna find the good stuff in a grocery store. The good stuff gets snapped up before it can even make it that far. We're talking about artisanal uncured bacon, richly flavorful pepperoni, and traditional cacciatorini sausage - all made from all-natural, hormone-free, vegetarian-fed 100% pork. We're talking about exquisitely flavored truffle butters and grilling butters. We're talking no artificial additives, ever. We're talking Transatlantic Foods.

What we're not talking about is the supermarket. Yes, ordering this bundle of perfection will take longer than a drive to the shopping center. But you know what they say: the good stuff comes to those who wait.