Tor del Colle Southern Italy Mixed Reds (6)

by wootbot

Don't be TORn.

Please note: The following list of items has nothing to do with the Tor de Colle mixed reds. You do not need to consider the items below when confronted with the decision to purchase this delicious wine.

- Tor Johnson

- Tor, the networking software

- A collie

- A miniature collie

- A Shetland Sheepdog

- Kallie Flynn Childress

- Callie Thorne

- Monte Carlo

- Monte Cristo sandwiches

- Monte & Mortimer

- Acapulco Weather Patterns In The Early 20th Century

- Rudy Giuliani

- Bifocals

- L'Inferno, the silent film by Giuseppe de Liguoro

- The films of Henri-Georges Clouzot

Instead, consider that this three pack of wine will go very well with game, poultry and roasted meat, and offer you a pleasant and ethereal bouquet! That should keep your mind off everything on the list above. And whatever you do, don't seek them out. Just drink the wine, and stay calm. Everything will be fine.