Tor del Colle Biferno Riserva (6)

by wootbot

Saturday Wine's Alright for Buying

Are we sure this was supposed to run on a Saturday?

Hey, product people, Jimmy here. You must not have gotten my voicemails and your IM status is set to "Unavailable for Jimmy", so I'll just have to ask here in the sale: doesn't this deal seem too good to run on a Saturday?

You tell me "a fine 2008 Montepulciano from the Campobasso area at 40% off" and I'll tell you "sounds like a Monday deal to me". Yet here's the Tor del Colle Biferno Riserva six-pack parked on a Saturday. That's gotta be a mistake, right?

Or wait a minute. Maybe this is a reward for the diehards who check Wine.Woot on a Saturday. Maybe you wanted to put this deal here so the weekday noobs, lookie-loos, and droppers-by couldn't snatch it all up. Pretty crafty, product guys. I should've known you guys would be on top of it.

OK, then, cool. Remind me to replace this note with a real writeup before the sale runs on Saturday, OK?