Toccata Mixed Red Case

by wootbot

Reddy for the weekend?!

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Now, we’ve got nothing against the established, respected wine critics and magazines. They’ve earned their reputations with insightful, knowledgeable wine criticism. (At least, that’s what the guy at the liquor store tells us.) But sometimes a perspective from outside the wine establishment can really help us reach a deeper understanding of what a wine is all about. Here’s what three nontraditional wine authorities have to say about the wines we're offering today.

Phelps County Truck & Boat Trader, Sept. 23, 2012:
“FOR SALE: 2010 Toccato Dolcetto, low miles, good cond., runs good. Santa Barbara AVA. Light body, dried cherries, dark choc, sage. Ask about hand-punching. $26 OBO.”

GrapeAura: The Journal of New Age Wine Studies, Feb. 2014:
“A beacon of spirit energy radiating throughout the universe and the innerverse, Lucas & Lewellen 2010 Toccata Barbera embodies mind/body harmony in its acidic balance. Smooth tannins and rich, wild-cherry satyrs cavort in a deep red forest, twirling to the mad symphony of existence. More renewing than a crystal yoga colonic.”

Alcohol is Murder!: The Official Newsletter of the Ladies’ Temperance Anti-Pleasure League, Spring 1840:
“Perhaps most insidious is the poison known as Lucas & Lewellen 2009 Toccata Freisa. Where common ordinary rotgut warns away the timid with noxiously toxic odors and flavors, this liquid seductress hides its peril behind the enticing aroma of raspberries and violets. Stout indeed must be the soul who hopes to resist its long, fruity finish and easy-drinking charms.”

So there you have it. If you’ve learned as much as we have from this little exercise, you still have absolutely no clue what this Lucas & Lewellen Mixed Red Case is like. Guess you’ll just have to taste it for yourself.