Three Wine Men Chardonnay (6)

by wootbot

Third Wine's the Charm

Proving once again that the best things come in threes.

Whether it's a turkey in bowling, hitting three jackpots on a slot machine, or drinking Three Wine Men Chardonnay, some of the best things happen when the number three's involved.

It's no coincidence that this wine combines the tropical aromatic blend of papaya, Asian pear, and tangerine -- three different types of fruit.

It's no coincidence that the flavors of this wine focus on juicy red apple, mango, and brioche -- a set of three flavors that'll make even your three most distinguished taste buds proud.

It's no coincidence that we're selling six bottles of these at a time, which is a pair of threes and if divided in half, equals three.

It's no coincidence that when divided by three, 54.99 (the price of this wine) becomes 18.33, which has two threes in it, and then when you divide that by two (to get the price per bottle), you get 9.165, which is basically nine, and everyone knows nine divided by three is... THREE.

All of that considered, deciding whether or not to buy this wine seems pretty easy. But with that said, there's one more choice you need to make: do you buy one set, two sets, or THREE sets of Three Wine Men Chardonnay?