The Shepherd Napa Sauvignon Blanc (12)

by wootbot

White Wine Federation

When the Shepherd Gets Going... The Flavors Get Flowing!

This Sunday, only on Pay-Per-View, get ready for WhiteWineMania! Many will enter the ring, but only ONE will exit, and brother - it’s gonna be me! Because when The Shepherd gets going... the flavors, they get a-flowing! So all you other white wines out there better get ready, because you’re going DOWN!

A lot of my opponents have been saying that they’re gonna bring the flavor, but they ain’t tasted NOTHING like The Shepherd! You smell that? That’s lime, kiwi, and gooseberry, sucker! And when you get a whiff of sweet pea and jasmine, you KNOW you’ve been SMACKED with pleasing, bright aromas! My mouth may be gentle, but brother, the flavor is rich. Get ready to have your palate SLAMMED with lemon, grapefruit, and lychee! You’re in MY cellar now!

You think The Shepherd’s done with you? Think again, brother, because I’ll be finishing you off with citrus, mineral, and spice! And when I’m through with you, that championship belt will be MINE. Because when the Shepherd Gets Going.. say it with me... The FLAVORS GET FLOWNG!