The Crusher Big Orange Mix (3)

by wootbot

Orange You Glad We Didn't Call It "Banana Wine"?

DONT BE FOOLED! It's made from GRAPES!

Consumers!!! Do NOT buy the so-called "The Crusher Orange wines" on Wine.Woot dot com expecting ANY actual ORANGES in the ingredients! These wines are made ENTIRELY from Chardonnay and Viognier GRAPES NOT oranges! Warn your friends on social media networks and elsewhere!

By leaving the SKINS on certain grapes as they ferment, the winemakers (or wineSCAMMERS) are able to achieve a convincing "ORANGE" hue. Without a SINGLE orange! Furthermore seductive aromas AND flavors from crème brûlēe to buttered popcorn to HONEYCRISP APPLE may appear to be present without involvement of any of those FOODS either! WHERE's the BEEF, winery?

SHAME on you Wine.Woot dot com for perpetrating this delicious ORANGE hoax on the American people of the Internet! And shame on ME for continuing to DRINK and enjoy it! PLEASE SHARE!!!