Tessa Marie Sangiovese Blend (3)

by wootbot

Sporting Wine

Have a Coquette for your next game of croquet.

Every athlete has their formula for success. Whether it's football players and Gatorade, race car drivers and milk, or the ToonSquad and their use of Michael Jordan's "Secret Stuff."

But what about croquet players? As far as we know, they don't have an official drink. Our proposal? Tessa Marie Coquette.

With its aromas of bright red fruit, black currant, and a hint of molasses, it's a perfect accompaniment to the spring gardens surrounding a croquet court. Take your mallet in one hand and a glass of this Coquette in the other, and you have what you need for a fine afternoon of croquet. We can't think of anything we'd rather drink while whacking balls through wickets. Can you?