Terroir 95470 Sauvignon Blanc (6)

by wootbot

The Unwinnable War

The only thing we have to be terroirfied of is terroir itself.

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.

For years now we have been fighting a war. It’s not a war in the traditional sense, involving guns and battlefields and heads of state. No, this is a war of hearts and minds, a war of ideals and ideas. I’m of course speaking about The War on Terroir.

We have expended vast amounts of resources and manpower to win this war, but have time and again been unsuccessful. In spite of all of our best efforts, terroirist ideals continue to hold sway over large portions of the population. We ourselves can no longer afford to ignore ideas such as the fact that topography, climate, and soil contribute to a wine’s characteristics. What we must now come to terms with is the fact that terroir is with us, and likely will be forever. We have lost The War on Terroir.

It is true that we once inhabited a largely terroir-free world. It was a more innocent time. We lived our lives drinking wine, not giving any thought to the sense of place in which the grapes were grown. But all that is now gone. The War on Terroir has been so long that many cannot even remember why we began to battle terroir in the first place. It is time that we learn to live with terroirism, and end this misguided war once and for all.