Tercero Wines Santa Barbara Red Cuvees (3)

by wootbot


We've got tonight. Why don't Cuvée?

”Have you tried one of these bottles of Tercero Red Cuvée yet? This 2009 Loco is super vibrant."

"Cuvée? What’s that mean, anyway?"

"Sometimes it’s used to denote a particularly special wine or a unique blend."

"So, it basically means, like … awesome?"

"Well, no, not -"

"Oh man, did you see the game last night? That sack by Michael Sam was totally Cuvée."

"Yeah, I mean, you’re in the spirit of things, but -"

“I saw a bear fighting an eagle on the way to work today. So Cuvée, dude."

"We live in Atlanta."

"Have you ever had a chili dog with potato chips on it? Freakin’ Cuvée, my friend."

"You’re a tool."