Tercero White/Rosé Grenache - 4 Pack

by Wootbot

United Colors of Grenache

Here’s a Grenache of a different color. And another Grenache of a different different color.

We all know Grenache is a great red wine, right? Not so fast. Like the demographics of Minneapolis, or the crowd at an Odd Future show, Grenache can feature a wide range of surprising colors.

Just check out these two wines. The food-friendly 2009 Tercero Grenache/Mourvedre Rosé wraps its tart, fruity, clean character in a pink package, while the golden 2009 Tercero Grenache Blanc delivers a fresh, austere blast of pear, green apple, and floral aromas with good acidity and a finish that just won’t quit.

Both are distinctly different from the other Grenaches we’re featuring today – but both are just as legitimately Grenache. We’ve all learned something here.

2009 Tercero Grenache/Mourvedre Rosé
  • Appellation – Santa Barbara County
  • Composition – 60% Grenache from Camp 4 Vineyard, Larner Vineyard and Watch Hill Vineyard; 40% Mourvedre from Camp 4 Vineyard
  • Winemaking – Fermented and aged in a combination of stainless steel drums and 8 year old oak barrels; aged 6 months
  • 55 Cases Produced
  • Malolactic Fermentation – Arrested post-fermenation
  • TA - .697
  • pH – 3.13
  • RS - .1
  • Alc – 12.3%
  • Bottled:  March, 2010
Larry and Christie Schaffer try to make their roses as wines that can and should be consumed with food, and this one fits the bill for sure. A clean and honest rosé with scents of strawberries and cloudberries, this is tart while completely saturated with fresh fruit. The wine has enough edge to its structure to serve with grilled fish.
2009 Grenache Blanc
  • Appellation – Santa Ynez Valley
  • Composition – 100% Grenache Blanc
  • Winemaking – Fermented and aged in a combination of stainless steel drums and neutral oak barrels for 8 months
  • 110 Cases produced
  • Malolactic Fermenation – Arrested post-fermenation
  • TA - .675
  • pH – 3.23
  • RS - .1
  • Alc – 13.5
  • Bottled: May, 2010
Tercero Wines like their whites to be a touch on the austere side at bottling as they find it helps them keep fresh and age well. This wine sports pear, green apple, flowers and a touch of petrol on the nose, is medium bodied, and the finish lingers on and on, accented with good acidity and fresh fruit. It’s a perfect wine to accompany shellfish, sea food in general, and even pasta with a cream sauce, possessing enough acid to cut through the cream. Enjoy now or let it continue to develop over the next few years.


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