Tercero Santa Barbara County Trio (3)

by wootbot

The Booking

There's no party that can't be saved with a good power trio.

Hey, everybody enjoying the party? Yeah! All right! Keep swinging!

"Donald, come talk to me."

Byron, hey! What about that sweet trio I got for the entertainment! Exactly what you wanted, right?

"Donald, I wanted a music trio. Like, guitar and vocals and piano. Not that Tercero Santa Barbara County Trio you just set in front of a drum kit."

Byron, man! You're not seeing the big picture! Tell you want, as soon as that 2008 Cuvee Christie takes her solo, you'll see why I booked them.

"It's a bottle of wine, Donald. Wine can't sing."

Sing? Ha! That's funny, Byron, because the Cuvee's not the singer. The singer's the 2010 Tercero Viognier! He's a nice tenor, you're gonna love him.

"Donald, you said you had this taken care of months ago."

I swear, buddy! This is the hottest power trio of the YEAR! See that Sirah blend over there? That's "The Climb" and "The Climb" is NOT just going to appear at ANYONE'S birthday party. So relax, okay? I'm sure they're gonna start playing any second now.

"By which you mean you're going to plug in the boombox with a Styx cassettes you're holding behind your back."

What? Byron! I'm just holding this coincidentally!

"I gave you five grand to take care of this, Donald. FIVE GRAND."