Tercero Mixed 2007 Grenache - 3 Pack

by Wootbot

Those Who Cannot Handle The Past Have A Hard Time Properly Aging Their Wine

Ah, 2007. What a… well, it was probably better if you were a grape.

There’s not really a need to go back and relive 2007, is there? Pre-election rhetoric, rising economic trouble, war in the Middle East, rising gas prices, we can all identify with that today. But
today’s grapes lack the seasoning the 2007 grapes have achieved. And that’s why this Tercero Mixed 2007 Grenache 3 Pack is far superior to, say, fresh grape juice.

Oh, come on. You don’t expect 2011 grapes to be ready just yet, do you? They’re still aging in those bins! But these three 2007 wines, they’re ready, and delicious, and full of that Grenache we’re celebrating today. Want the run down? ‘Course ya do!

First there’s the Cuvee Christie, with 64% Grenache. Dark, rich, serious, just like the future we saw in that 2007 summer. With a good cherry fruit core, it might be described as brooding, or perhaps just complex.

Then there’s the Watch Hill, 100% Grenache through and through. Dark chocolate, strawberry, raspberry, cedar and pepper, this wine is spicy yet well structured. Save it for later, if you still believe in tomorrow. Otherwise, it’s perfectly fine to enjoy now, before it’s too late.

And finally, there’s the Camp 4 Grenache. Not as sweet as the previous Camp 4, this wine is still… provocative? And yet, it’s also 100% pure Grenache, full of rich substantive flavors that will make you think about how maybe 2007 was better than, well, now.

You’ve got a lot to live up to, grapes of today. This Tercero Mixed 2007 Grenache 3 Pack has set a high standard.

2007 Cuvee Christie
  • Blend: 64% Grenache, 18% Mourvedre and 18% Syrah
The second release of this wine, named for one of Tercero Wines' owners, is quite different than the first one . . . It is syrah dominated rather than Grenache dominated. (The exact blend is 64% Grenache, 18% Mourvedre and 18% Syrah). What does this mean? A darker, richer, more ‘serious’ Christie is evident here, one that still retains the nice cherry fruit core of the 2006 but surrounds it with a lot more structure and body – with some darker, more ‘brooding’ aromatic complexity.
2007 Watch Hill Grenache
  • 100% Grenache

Aromas of dark chocolate strawberry, raspberry, cedar, and pepper. Gives the impression when tasting of strawberry/raspberry ganache along with a plentitude of spices. Well structured. Enjoyable now but has the stuffing to put aside for a few years as well.

2007 Camp 4 Grenache
  • 100% Grenache
This is Tercero Wines' second release of this wine, but this time, it’s 100% Grenache, and with 25% whole clusters. Though not as ‘sweet’ as the 06 version, it retains a great ‘provocative’ aromatic profile because of its warmer climate roots; the whole clusters give the wine more ‘substance’; and its darker color makes you believe that other things have been added . . . but they have NOT! This is an ‘easier drinker’ than the Watch Hill Grenache, but can certainly benefit from a few more years should you prefer.


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