Taste The Glory: The Wine.Woot Mystery Wine Challenge

by Jason Toon

Does your palate have mad skills? Are your tastebuds like little ninjas, trained in the ancient art of tasting by flavor monks in a hidden mountain redoubt? Could you tell your Cab Franc from your Cab Sauv, even if you were at a gas station or a pig farm?

Then you may be ready for the challenge…the Wine.Woot Mystery Wine Challenge. It could be the world’s largest tasting event, as far as we know. This is your chance to shut up those know-it-alls on the message boards who think they know more about wine than you do. Here’s how to join hundreds of your fellow wooters in putting your palate to the test:

So are you scared yet? Do you have what it takes to claim wine-tasting supremacy? Sharpen your Jedi tongue skills and place your order now. Immortality awaits you…along with some damn good wine.

Entries will be accepted beginning August 29, 2008. To submit an entry, go to the web form to be announced later and enter your Woot username, the color of the sticker on the back label of your mystery bottle, and your varietal guess into the appropriate fields. Those identifying the correct varietal will be lavishly recognized on this web site as only Wine.Woot can. Only contestants who buy the Peter Wellington Three-Pack will be eligible to be announced as winners. No prizes will be awarded.