Tara Bella Russian River Cabernet (2)

by wootbot

Drink One In The Cotton Patch

A good glass of wine is like a mini-skirt: only scandalous when it ends too early. That's why this Cabernet comes in a two-pack!

I want to tell you all a story, 'bout two Russian River Valley wines
The first is from 2010 the other one comes from '09
They come from Tara Bella, that's the Estate with the winery
And I should probably tell you here that they're both Russian River Cabernet

The twenty ten is deep and rich and full of cherry that is ripe
That ol' two thousand nine is like a ruby, boy, does it shine
And it is tart and fruity, with blackberry jam out on display
The kind of thing you'd hope to find in Russian River Cabernet

As it happens, we've decided we don't really want to make you choose
We bet you'll be surprised when you discover that you'll be getting bottles two
You'll walk one to your wine rack, where you'll find it again one day
And still you'll have one extra bottle of a lovely Cabernet

Have over your pal Bobby, doesn't even matter what's the date
That chick you know named Taylor, you can watch old movies until late
Maybe give one to your baker, he'll make you the best bread in town
Or you maybe you're just jonesing for a night reading, under goose down

This Cabernet, we'll make it clear, ends with the word Sauvignon
We should have said that earlier, we're sorry we went on so long
But we hope you have the nerve to go and push that button and commit
We think this two-pack suits your taste and recommend you go for it

No, we wouldn't lead you on, we love the Tara Bella Wine-er-ay
Even if we say it wrong to help us rhyme with Cabernet
Even if we say it wrong to help us rhyme with Cabernet