Table Top Tendril Wine Rack

by wootbot

Words That Look Similar

Just to be clear, this is a TENDRIL wine rack... not a TENTACLE wine rack.

Dear Mr. Emmett,

We're sorry to hear of your disappointment with a recent purchase; however, there is nothing we can do to rectify the situation at this time. To avoid issues like this in the future, we suggest you READ CAREFULLY!

Yes, we know: you WANTED the stylish Table Top Tendril Wine Rack because you thought it would provide a fun and portable way to showcase your fine wines. But, what you ACTUALLY ORDERED was the Table Top TENTACLE Wine Rack.

Once again, our responsibility is to provide accurate information; the responsibility to read it falls on YOU!

As for your other question, why the "8 wine-holding tentacles" were still attached to an octopus, the answer is simple: there is NO HUMANE WAY to remove tentacles from an octopus, and we believe in a little thing called COMPASSION.

So, in short, what we're saying is, YOU NEED TO LEARN TO LIVE WITH YOUR MISTAKES!

Thanks for shopping!

Timothy Hayden
Customer Service
The Wacky Wine Holder Mega-Store