Summerland Vineyard Designate Pinot (3)

by wootbot

The New Kid

When it comes to Pinots, this one has the goods! And by goods, we mean there isn't enough room to explain all the flavors in such a limited amount of spa

Hey, I been working this wine gym thirty years, mac. I seen 'em all. I can tell ya who's gonna be one of the greats the second they walk through that door. And I'll say it today: that kid they called Pinot? He could'a been a world champ.

I knew it the moment he walked in off the street with that spicebox nose. You don't get a nose like that unless you've been somewhere fermenting. Hint of cedar too, as I recall. He said he just wanted to look around. I said "Lace 'em up, kid."

Next thing he knows, I got him with one of my pro boys. And you know what? Kid does great! Drops a little black cherry, some pomegranate, even a hint of bacon fat! I'm shakin' my head like "Where did that come from?" So I give my pro the nod, and he goes for the jaw. Boom! And I mean BOOM! And you know what? The kid takes it! Layers of vanilla and oak like nothing happened!

It's just too bad he fell so hard for that charcoal grilled poultry and moved upstate. Kid Pinot could'a been the greatest three pack outta 2007.

Well, at least he's happy.