Stronghold Mandala Red Blend (6)

by wootbot

It’s Not Like You Grilled Someone

A crisp, cold afternoon. You’ve got music on the stereo and you’re warm in front of the grill.

Your backyard smells of sausage and roasted bell peppers. Inside, the Stronghold Mandala Red is breathing. There’s little vibrations in the liquid as it bounces along to that deep base. In just a few short minutes you’ll be at the table, mixing bites with sips that taste ripe red raspberry, dried dark fruits, earthy notes of leather and cola.

That’s the Stronghold Mandala at work, from the same minds that gave birth to the documentary, Blood Into Wine. Much like the film, this wine’s full of interesting and unusual notes. In these bottles you’ll find a beautiful whole made from beautiful parts.

Of course you don’t HAVE to be a fan of the movie to enjoy the Stronghold Mandala. Just knowing how well a glass will pair with savory foods means you’ve got an excuse to fire up the grill out of season.

All we’re able to say is that this is a wine that goes perfectly with barbecued sausage and peppers. After that, just follow your heart.