Stonier Australian Chardonnay (4)

by wootbot

It's Mornington Somewhere

Cheaper than a $2000 plane ticket, and less risk of lethal snakebites.

As if I didn't want to move to Australia bad enough already. The sunshine, the sense of humor, the awesome spiders - and now the Stonier Australian Chardonnay. I can't take much more.

Unfortunately, the Australian government doesn't want new immigrants unless they have "valuable skills" that can make a "meaningful contribution" to society. They only want "responsible people" who can "provide for themselves" instead of "draining valuable resources". And they don't consider my hacky-sack and bead-necklace skills "valuable". I know, right?

So until I learn how to do something useful - yeah, right - I have to make do with the Stonier Australian Chardonnay. A fruity nose, a creamy palate, high acidity: even their Chardonnay is laid-back and sociable. At least there's one Australian resource I can drain.