Stonier Australian Chardonnay (4)

by wootbot

Stone Cold

Don't let a wine with even the honeyest of bouquets come between you and your best friend.

Hey Beth. Hey Medusa. Whatcha girls up … WHOA! Why didn't you warn me that you weren't wearing your eye masks?

"Oops! Sorry, Joe. Medusa and I are just having a staring contest. Whichever one turns the most animals into stone wins this bottle of Stonier Australian Chardonnay."

Yeah. And I'M winning! That's three rabbits and four prairie dogs so far. Hold on. Make that FIVE prairie dogs.

"That wine must be pretty good for you to want to turn all these poor little animals into stone."

It is pretty good. It's quite dry, but the generous fruits on the nose and the creamy mid-palate structure are balanced by the crisp acidity. Honestly, though this is really more about winning than winning the wine. You know how competitive Medusa can be.

"How could I forget? I still miss my dog, Noodles. But we just use his little stone body as a fancy doorstop now."

HA! That makes four rabbits, four prairie dogs, one squirrel and one newt for me! I WIN! Eons from now, children all over the world will open their mythology books and read the story of BETH: The deadliest-staring girl to ever walk the face of the Earrrppp …

"Medusa! You just turned Beth to stone!"

Meh. She was getting on my nerves. Wine?