Stillman Brown Springtime White & Pink 3+1 (4)

by wootbot

Man Brown! MAN BROWN!!

Somebody somewhere said something about how dull people rarely make history.

Maybe it was Oscar Wilde. It could have been a feminist mantra of some kind. Listen, we’ve been out of school for a while. We don’t remember this stuff so well any longer.

What we’re sure about, Wine.Woot customer, is that Stillman Brown is out there in San Miguel being wholly un-dull. Stillman Brown doesn’t play it safe with the banal varietals, no. Feast your eyes on the Chateau Abalone Verdejo. It’s the first 100 percent Verdejo from any Californian coastal county. Boom. Different.

There’s also Dry Rosé on offer here. DON’T YOU ROLL YOUR EYES. It’s getting warmer out and you’re going to sit down on the porch with your big ol’ red and you’ll WISH you had this unusual bottle on your table with its crisp acidity and awesome label. Look at the label. You won’t find that kind of art on Sutter Home’s stuff.

For just $54.99 you get four glorious bottles of concentrated revolution. It’s an avant-garde bargain! Avant-bargain!