Stillman Brown Colossus Syrah (2)

by wootbot

Sipping in the Season

You want wine? BAM! DONE! ‘Cause I’m Santa Claus, and this year I’m not messing around!

What? Didn’t expect me? Or maybe you didn’t think I exist? Well, think again!

Look I’m tired of all the hate, okay? I’m tired of getting cast off as some imaginary friend! I’m tired of working my butt off all year, every year, for three thousand years or whatever it’s been now, just to have you people buy your kids a foam football and say, “Oh, that was Santa!” and then wink at each other knowingly, as if I’m some little inside joke. I want some real friggin’ credit for once!

And if you’re like, “Wait, how can you have been at this for 3000 years?” Easy, I’m a vampire. Jeez, I thought the whole “only coming at night” thing would’ve given that away by now.

But hey, that’s not important. What is important is that I’m rolling up into your living room with this 2012 Colossus Syrah. That’s right: Santa’s not bringing the presents this year; he’s bringing the party! Because this is not some flabby, sweet, baked raisin wine! The Colossus’s blackberry extract is fresh and extremely full and rich. You’re going to take a sip and it’ll be like BOOM! Spices and oak followed by a very long finish without the excess heat!

So set the lights on the tree to strobe, because stuff’s about to get wild up in here!