Stein Family Vaquero Chardonnay (4)

by wootbot

Celebrate Good Wines, C'mon!

Need an excuse to open a bottle of Stein Family Vaquero Chardonnay? Start celebrating the little things!

When you've got a wine as good as this 2010 Stein Family Vaquero Chardonnay, it's a normal reaction to want to save it for special occasions. But then there are those nights where you don't want to have to wait for a special occasion to come about. You just want to drink your wine.

So, don't wait.

Start celebrating everything. And we mean everything.

You wondered what time it was, so you looked at the clock. Congratulations! Time to celebrate.

You needed to make a note to yourself, so you grabbed a pen. Congratulations! You better celebrate.

You remembered what time your favorite show was on. Congratulations! We wouldn't want that to go uncelebrated.

You forgot what time it was, so you looked at the clock again and remembered what time it was. Congratulations! Celebrate with pride.

You wondered what the weather was like, so you looked out the window. Congratulations! That's worthy of a celebration.

Keep in mind, these are only examples. The world is your celebration oyster, so feel free to load up on wine so that you'll be ready to celebrate whatever needs to be celebrated.