St. Supéry Estate Napa Moscato (3)

by wootbot

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The St. Supéry Estate Napa Valley Moscato contains flavors of kiwi. The fruit, not the bird.

Imagine, for a moment, you were looking into a goblet filled with vibrant hues of pale yellow and green. You smell the tropical aromas and you can only imagine how delicious the flavors will be. You lift the goblet to your lips, look down at the wine-

-and suddenly, you see the dark, cruel eyes of a kiwi bird, about to stab you with its beak. This is what WON'T happen when drinking a St. Supéry Estate Napa Valley Moscato.

Because, you see, the St. Supéry Estate Napa Valley Moscato is full of flavors like mango, honeydew, stone fruit and orange rind. It contains a nose of peach and lime zest. And yes, it's full of kiwi. But kiwi the FRUIT, not kiwi the BIRD.

Now, we're not saying kiwi the bird lacks style and grace. Everyone we've talked to tells us that kiwi the bird is charming, and enjoyable, and the sort of bird you'd want to come and hang out at your party. But to drink? That's when you want the flavors of kiwi the FRUIT. And that's what the St. Supéry Estate Napa Valley Moscato offers you, with a few other additional flavors we've already mentioned above and that we're not going to repeat here because you should have been paying attention.

Drink the fruit, adore the bird. That's the St. Supéry Estate Napa Valley Moscato way.