St. Supéry Estate Élu Red Magnum (1)

by wootbot


Never trust a wine with less than two accent marks above the letters.

Everyone knows that it's what's above the letters that matter. If you want to hear heavy metal, you look for the umlaut. If you want Mexican food, you look for the spicy tilde above the O. And if you want wine, you want something like the St. Supéry Estate Élu.

Plum aromas, inky garnet hues, flavors of smooth vanilla and tobacco: that's what you'll find in this wine. But in the name? You'll find TWO acute accents that'll have you looking at your operating system's character map every time you try to explain to your friend how well it'll age. That means this is a wine that forces you to learn. And that means a wine that's classy.

Don't be afraid of the diacritic. Embrace it. Embrace the St. Supéry Estate Élu. Let those accents educate you.