St Julian Summer Whites (6)

by wootbot

Traminette the Volume!!

Thighs stuck to the sofa? Need oven mitts to touch your steering wheel? Yep, it's summer!

Founder Mariano Meconi named his winery after the patron saint of Faleria, his native village in Italy, and it's easy to see why. St. Julian's a pretty fascinating figure. Check it out:

Fun Facts about St. Julian.

  • St. Julian had the strength of a forklift. That's how he earned the nickname "Forklift."
  • St. Julian was the world's only shark-charmer.
  • St. Julian won the NBA All-Star Game MVP award from 1980-1984. You may remember it differently. You're remembering it wrong.
  • St. Julian is the patron saint of circus folk. (That one is actually true.)
  • St. Julian is the patron saint of cabbage. (That one is a lie.)
  • St. Julian had a magical oboe, but he got rid of it because every time he went to parties, people were like, "Where's your magical oboe?" and he started to wonder if people only liked him because of his magical oboe.
  • St. Julian beat Jimi Hendrix in a thrash contest.
  • St. Julian hated the game Battleship.
  • In his spare time, St. Julian would wander crowded beaches and help children build elaborate sand castles. Then, he would point to the horizon and say, "What's that over there?" And while the child was looking away, he would decimate the sand castle and laugh, and nobody could really blame him, because that is hilarious and an important lesson in impermanence for the child.
  • St. Julian once ate cereal for dinner!