St. Julian Late Harvest Riesling (6)

by wootbot

Try To Riesling With Them

Make amends for always showing up late.

There are some people who are born with a gene for being late everywhere they go. It's okay. We forgive you. But that's not saying everyone will forgive you... at least not immediately... unless you have a gift of 2011 St. Julian Late Harvest Riesling in tow.

Nothing says "I'm late. It's my fault. But forget about that. Let's drink!" like a chilled glass of crisp yet moderately sweet Riesling.

The aromas of citrus, stone fruit, and honey will fill the air and help eliminate the ensuing fit of rage that was currently festering inside your supervisor.

The wine's tangerine and apricot flavors will give them something to think about other than how you were an hour late to your restaurant reservation and how they promised themselves they were going to give you a slap across the face when you showed up.

Your days, months, and years of being late aren't your fault. It's everyone else's fault for being on time. But they don't think that's the case, and instead they think they have the right to be upset with you just because you were a few hours late to their wedding. That's why we say don't argue, and certainly don't try to reason with their crazy being-on-time-is-the-right-way-to-go point of view. Instead, just deal with tardiness the easy way: by buying their love with wine.