St. Julian Chancellor Noir Red (4)

by wootbot

Patron Of The Grape

If you made this wine, you'd be a ninny not to brag about it! Right? Right?

The little known St. Julian Braganini was born in 1641, in the middle of a vineyard. People know this because he bragged about it. Constantly. Like, the guy just WOULD NOT shut up about it. You'd expect a saint to be more humble, right?

It was here that St. Julian Braganini first learned the craft of winemaking. For the first decade of his life, St. Julian Braganini actually thought he WAS a grape! Imagine his surprise to learn otherwise! And yet, he never forgot his friends on the vine, and devoted his life to helping them become the wine they were always meant to be.

And the Chancellor Noir! This four-pack of red was every grape's dream! To be in a wine with a velvety, medium-body entry of super ripe currant, black raspberry, and Bing cherry flavors. That grape would be satisfied.

Yes, you guessed it. It was not the hand of Man that made St. Julian Braganini into a saint. The hand of Man pretty much wished he'd just hand them some wine and buzz off. But, to the grapes of the world? St. Julian Braganini was a transformative power. St. Julian Braganini was the hero of the grapes.

And certainly moreso than Lord Raisincookie. What a jerk THAT guy was, right?