Spill A Little Wine On Someone You Love: Give The Gift Of Wine.Woot

by Jason Toon

Friends, Romans, countrymen! Back in the day, wine was the default friend-to-friend gift. Invited over to Caesar’s pad for some salad? You’d better believe Brutus brought his best vino. With our new gifting program, now you can give the gift of Wine.Woot culture to your all your low-brow friends. After all, Mother-in-Law’s Day is just around the corner (October 22), and nothing says “I spent a lot of money to show you I’m worthy of marrying your child” like a gift of premium wine from Wine.Woot.

Just click the “I Want One” button as per usual, and make sure to check the box under “Is this a gift?” on the shipping page. Then tell us where you want your shipment of wine to go and what message you want on the enclosed card, and complete your order. We’ll take it from there. And if you want to send another gift to another address, just go back to the front page, click “I Want One” again, and start the process over. Along with their gifts, each lucky recipient will, er, receive a lavishly-illustrated gift card with your message, and a deluxe shipping container (a.k.a. a brown cardboard box). And it won’t cost you a damn denarius more than any other wine order. As surprises go, it sure beats a knife in the back, eh, Brute?

Keep in mind that gifts are subject to the same shipping restrictions as all Wine.Woot orders. The recipient must be sober and over 21 at the time of delivery. Shipments to certain states will take a very long time, while we cannot ship at all to others. Which states? Check the list on the front page.We also have to email the recipient to let them know the gift is on the way, so don’t kill us for letting out your secret.