Someday Your Ship(ment) Will Come In: Summer Shipping Season Starts Now

by Jason Toon

Building contractors and web developers alike are familiar with the Project Triangle: the principle that you can have any two of your three most desired attributes, but probably not all three. A rich, faithful, handsome husband would be terrific. A ballclub made up of experienced, talented, cheap players would come out ahead on the field and on the balance sheet. And who wouldn’t want an affordable, roomy, and fuel-efficient car? Alas, reality usually says we have to sacrifice one of those three aspects to get the other two.

So it is with wine shipping, especially during the hot summer months. It should be obvious where Wine.Woot stands. Low cost and high quality are more important to us than high speed. The way we see it, it doesn’t matter how quickly you get your wine if it’s spoiled from heat exposure by the time it gets there. And who cares about a great wine deal if you have to pay out the nose for shipping?

That’s why the summer shipping charge will be the usual (and extremely low) $7 again this year. We think the $2 bump from the standard shipping charge is a small price to pay to ensure that your producer-direct wine shipment makes it through the heat unscathed. Sure, that cost could double or triple and you’d get your wine sooner. The producer could send it via the cheapest method they could find and hope that the heat doesn’t do any damage. But we think the best combination is the one we’ve favored every summer since 2007 – cheap and good.

You can check out the logistics at that link, if you’re interested in exactly how Wine.Woot pulls off our affordable, high-quality wine shipping. But for most of you, just know that even if your wine order takes a while to arrive, that low shipping charge and careful handling will make your wine worth waiting for.

What do you think? Would you choose a different pair from the wine shipping project triangle (cheap, fast, well-protected)? Let us know in the comments below…