Solar de Estraunza Spanish Rioja (3)

by wootbot

Drawing a blanco

We take you to the town of Haro in Rioja, which boasts a rich tradition of ignoring wine's primary raison d'ĂȘtre.

You know what happens every year in Rioja? The locals have a big party, and they squirt red wine (Rioja, believe it or not) at each other.

What a quaint image.

How provincial.

Except for the part where your clothes are covered with red wine. (We'll ignore the bit where 13,000 gallons of DELICIOUS DRINKABLE WINE are thrown onto your person rather than poured into your desperate mouth. That's an affront to save for another day.) The wacky people of Rioja, with their bucolic history and rustic customs, have riujned your outfit.

There must be a better way.

We submit the 2012 Solar De Estraunza BLANCO Rioja.

Go ahead. Submerse yourself in this stuff. Chuck a bucket onto your friends. Celebrate the successful harvest of a crop by wasting another. Or - and we're just floating this idea, here - you could actually drink the stuff. We've provided you with the necessary information; it's now up to you to make the choice.