Soiree Tilt Chilling Sphere (2)

by wootbot

A Chilling Tale

Why use an ice cube when you could put a sphere with cooling powers into your drink instead?

"Hey. There's something in your drink."

Yeah, I know. That's my Soiree Tilt Chilling Sphere. I put it in the glass to chill my drink. All I need to do is store it in the freezer, and then when I want to drink something cold, I take out my Soiree Tilt Sphere, pop it in the glass, and in no time I've got a nice, cool drink. PLUS, unlike ice, the Soiree Tilt Chilling Sphere doesn't melt, so it doesn't dilute my drink, and also it lasts longer than ice so that I can have a frosty drink for even longer periods at a time. You want one?

"Huh? No, I was talking about that fly."

What? Ahh, crap.