So Be It 2009 Pinot Noir (6)

by wootbot

K, Sarah, Sarah

May you be granted the strength to know what wine you should accept, and also be there to accept it when it arrives.

Consider, for a moment, the words "So Be It." These aren't the words of an aggressive alligator, fresh from the sewers to devour your family. These are the words of a peaceful and gentle type, like a wine-loving monk who also pats squirrels on the head.

And why not? Why not, we say? What's wrong with something that's gentle, delicate and elegant? That's why we love the 2009 So Be It Pinot Noir (full of cherry, strawberry and rose hips by the way) and why you're probably going to love it too. And by love, we mean that gentle kind of love that will have you snuggling up to your dog and or cat. Won't you be a cute little duo/trio by the fire?

Some wines are aggressive and dominating. But not this lovely So Be It. Substantial, yes, but never cruel. This is the sort of wine you could stand to emulate, you know.

Oh, like you forgot that time you got in a fight with your neighbor? Tell you what, this is a six pack of wine, sooo... how about you share a bottle with the people next door? Bury old grudges, make new friends? After all, your world can change as quickly as you can say "So be it."