Slingshot White Combo (6)

by wootbot

Color us Slingshooted … Slingshotted … Slingshat? Something.

Much better than a flu shot.

Cut off his head? Why would we do that? You’ve got that giant all wrong. Sure, he talked a good game:


But he’s not a bad guy.

No, we didn’t threaten to “smite” him. We just offered him a handshake, a couple bottles of Slingshot whites, and some deep conversation. See, he wanted people to fear him. He spent his life being the scary giant because that’s the only way people respected him. After years of being mocked when he was young, he felt he had no other choice but to be mean.

After a few glasses of medium-bodied Chardonnay and luscious Sauv Blanc, he opened up. He’s pretty friendly when you get to know him. And, boy, does he love the lyre! We sang songs, talked about life, and nobody had their head bashed in! Nice!