Sextant Wheelhouse Zinfandel (5)

by wootbot

The Rumble

When flavors meet, they've got to take each other's measure. When flavors meet at the Wheelhouse... there's gonna be a rumble.

Attention Wine Patrol: 10-66 in progress, Sextant Wheelhouse. Any available patrolman, please.

WITNESS ONE: "Well, it was… I just wanted to see a show, right? So I came down, and when I walked in the door I had these inklings of smoky cedar and spicy sage. I figured I should have turned right around but I didn't want to look, you know, chicken or anything."

WITNESS TWO: "Yeah, the cranberries started it, they were all jostling back there with the plums and the blackberries.

WITNESS ONE: "I'm sure it was the plums. The cranberries just wanted to have a good time, and they were rambunctious, sure, but they were keeping to themselves. The blackberries didn't even get involved until the plums started picking a fight."

WITNESS THREE: "I was there, in the back. And I didn't see who started it, but I gotta say it was the most balanced mix-up I've ever been involved in. Those blackberries complimented the plums so well, I figured they'd just go round and round forever."

WITNESS ONE: "I tried to run back to the door, but by then the cranberries were all over the place and I couldn't see a thing. And that's when the cherries kicked in the door."

WITNESS TWO: "Yeah, when the cherries came in I just dove under the bar and covered my head. You don't mess with the cherries when they start flowing freely."

WITNESS THREE: "But I can't blame nobody but myself, you know. That's why we all love coming to the Wheelhouse. We call it the 'five pack of pain' around here.

WITNESS ONE: "Nobody calls it 'the five pack of pain' around here. Who told you that?"

WITNESS TWO: "Yeah, I've never heard those words before."